Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? *Remastered* Deluxe Edition

An alternative remastered deluxe edition to the 2014 official release. This version includes the 2015 TREON Remaster of the album; A collection of rare B-sides, Demos, Remixes and live tracks plus the classic MTV Unplugged performance from 1996.

MTV Unplugged is sourced from the bootleg "Pull The Plug" and is the same source used for the "Remastered Version". The version here hasn't had any levels adjusted unlike the remastered version. "Listen Up" is taken from a different source from the one used previously. A small amount of editing has been done to place  "Listen Up" & "Whatever" back in to the performance.

Part One:
2015 TREON Remaster of the album.

Part Two:
B-sides, Demos & Rarities
01 - Acquiesce (Live At Southend Cliffs Pavillion 17.4.95)
02 - (It's Good) To Be Free (Live At Southend Cliffs Pavillion 17.4.95)
03 - Some Might Say (Rough Mix #1)
04 - Talk Tonight (US Mix)
05 - Rockin' Chair (US Mix)
06 - Fade Away (Warchild Version)
07 - Some Might Say (Demo #2)
08 - Morning Glory (D Sardy Mix)
09 - Cast No Shadow (Unkle Beachhead Mix)
10 - Champagne Supernova (Lynch Mob Beats Mix '95) [Promo CD Version]
11 - Some Might Say (Rough Mix #2)
12 - Champagne Supernova (Promo Version)
13 - Morning Glory (Promo Version)
14 - The Masterplan (Instrumental)

Part Three:
Live on MTV Unplugged
01 - Hello
02 - Some Might Say
03 - Live Forever
04 - Listen Up
05 - The Masterplan
06 - Don't Look Back In Anger
07 - Talk Tonight
08 - Morning Glory
09 - Round Are Way
10 - Cast No Shadow
11 - Whatever
12 - Wonderwall

Password: TREON186


  1. Many thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

  2. Add *Be Here Now - Remastered* thank you

  3. Some Might Say (Rough Mix #1)

    Is the Guitar Hero / Rock Band multi tracks mixed together. This is the only source for the complete outro.

    Some Might Say (Rough Mix #2)

    Is a mix of the Guitar Hero / Rock Band multi tracks and the instrumental version found on an extremely rare Stop the Clocks era promo CD.

    Hope that is of some help.



  4. dang, I was really hoping this was the FLAC edition. Any chance of uploading this in FLAC please? I love this version. This album and Be Here Now are my favorite Oasis albums but I can barely listen to the whole thing in one sitting due to all of the compression so this remaster is heaven sent. Cheers!

    1. Yes I will upload a FLAC version soon. I did try and remaster 'Be Here Now' but that album is so dense in it's mixing that declipping did nothing to improve it's dynamics. Be Here Now sounds exactly how they wanted it to sound: Big, loud and long. Just more of everything really.

    2. Thank you and I understand about Be Here Now, figures that would be the issue. Big loud and long, perfect way to describe that album.