Monday, 27 July 2020

Oasis: MTV Unplugged (New 2020 Remaster) *FLAC*

Oasis perform live at the Royal Festival Hall, London 23.08.96 for MTV Unplugged.

An all NEW remaster using all new FLAC sources (with the exception of track 11 which is the same source as before). Primarily sourced from the bootleg "Unplugged" by FingerPrint plus some other superior sources for some tracks. My original remaster posted five years ago was sourced from a 192kbps download of the bootleg "Pull The Plug". I was very proud of the job I've done but I always wanted to do a lossless version but I couldn't get my hands on a decent stereo source. Well in the last few weeks I've not only managed to download the "Unplugged" bootleg but a bunch of other tracks from various other sources too. I've edited them all together in the correct set order and I've adjusted levels so that all the different sources sound as similar as possible.

01 - Hello
02 - Some Might Say
03 - Live Forever
04 - Listen Up
05 - The Masterplan
06 - Don't Look Back In Anger
07 - Talk Tonight
08 - Morning Glory
09 - Round Are Way/Up In The Sky
10 - Cast No Shadow
11 - Whatever
12 - Wonderwall

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Saturday, 18 July 2020

The Smiths: The Earliest Demos 1982

The Smiths earliest demos. Recorded in Johnny Marr's attic bedroom on his TEAC three-track cassette recorder and at Decibel Studios, Manchester during August 1982.

On 31 August 1978, a 19-year-old Morrissey was briefly introduced to the 14-year-old Johnny Marr by mutual acquaintances Billy Duffy and Howard Bates at a Patti Smith gig held at Manchester's Apollo Theatre.

In May 1982 Marr decided that he wanted to establish a new band, and subsequently turned up on the doorstep of Morrissey's house accompanied by mutual friend Steve Pomfret, to ask Morrissey if he was interested in founding a band with himself and Pomfret. Morrissey and Marr bonded with their love of poetry and literature. A fan of the New York Dolls, Marr had been impressed that Morrissey had authored a book on the band, and was inspired to turn up on his doorstep following the example of Jerry Leiber, who had formed his working partnership with Mike Stoller after turning up at the latter's door. According to Morrissey: "We got on absolutely famously. We were very similar in drive." Conversing, the two found that they were fans of many of the same bands. The next day, Morrissey phoned Marr to confirm that he would be interested in forming a band with him.

A few days later, Morrissey and Marr held their first rehearsal in Marr's rented attic room in Bowdon. Morrissey provided the lyrics for "Don't Blow Your Own Horn", the first song that they worked on; however, they decided against retaining the song, with Marr commenting that "neither of us liked it very much". The next song that they worked on was "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle", which again was based on lyrics produced by Morrissey. Marr included a tempo which was based on the Patti Smith song "Kimberly", and they recorded it on Marr's TEAC three-track cassette recorder. The third track that the duo worked on was "Suffer Little Children". Alongside these original compositions, Morrissey suggested that the band produce a cover of "I Want a Boy for My Birthday", a song by the 1960s American girl band the Cookies; although he had never heard of the song before, Marr agreed, enjoying the subversive element of having a male vocalist sing it, and the song was recorded on his TEAC machine.

After remaining with the band for several rehearsals, Pomfret departed acrimoniously. He was replaced by the bass player Dale Hibbert, who worked at Manchester's Decibel Studios, where Marr had met him while recording Freak Party's demo. It was through Hibbert that the Smiths were able to record their first demo at Decibel, doing so one night in August 1982. Aided by drummer Simon Wolstencroft, whom Marr had worked with in Freak Party, the band recorded both "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" and "Suffer Little Children". Wolstencroft was not interested in joining the band, so auditions were held to find a permanent drummer, which resulted in Mike Joyce joining them; he later revealed that he was under the influence of magic mushrooms during his audition performance. Meanwhile, Morrissey took the demo recording to Factory Records, but Factory's Tony Wilson wasn't interested. source

The version of "Suffer Little Children" was very clipped, so I've fixed that. "I Want A Boy For My Birthday" had about eight seconds of silence at the end which I removed. For more early Smiths recordings check out this Troy Tate sessions collection.

01 - I Want A Boy For My Birthday (The Cookies Cover)
02 - Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Decibel Studios)
03 - Suffer Little Children (Decibel Studios)

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Noel Gallagher: 1989 Demo Tape (Noel's Songs)

Noel Gallagher's pre-Oasis demo tape. Recorded in 1989 it contains five songs none of which have ever been officially released.

Before joining Oasis in 1991, Noel Gallagher was a budding young songwriter.  Noel has claimed to have been writing songs since his early teens, which would have been around 1980.  In the late 80’s, Noel made home demos of some of the songs he had written since then, including what he claims was the first song he’d ever wrote, called ‘Baj’. These songs were then put onto cassette and given to friends to demonstrate what he was capable of.
The first tape, which contained eight tracks believed to have been recorded by Noel sometime in 1988, was put up for auction at Christies in London on the 30th April 1998, but failed to sell as the highest bid of £3,400 was too low.  It was apparently sold privately at a later date. The second tape, which contained five tracks, was believed to been recorded by Noel and a friend of his called Pete in 1989. Only one track, ‘But What If…’, was previously unknown to Oasis fans, with the other four songs being on the 1988 tape, although it’s unknown if the recordings are exactly the same. A couple of friends of the seller of the tape appeared on on the 26th July 2001 gauging possible demand for a private sale. They claimed It had gone up for auction at Christies at an earlier date but didn’t sell.
In June 2006, this tape was put up for sale on eBay but was later sold privately. Clips from all five songs were made available to this site as evidence of the tapes authenticity. The tape was purchased by a consortium of Oasis fans with the explicit agreement that the contents of the tape would be made publicly available and that the tape would later be returned to Noel as a goodwill gesture as fans weren’t sure if an original copy of these songs were held in his archives, and did not wish to profit from his unreleased material. The tape was sent to his management company, Ignition. source

The download contains both FLAC and mp3 versions of the tape.

01 - What's It Got To Do With You
02 - Hey You
03 - What's Been Happenin'
04 - But What If...
05 - Gotta Have Fun

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Friday, 10 July 2020

The La's: The Crescent Tape

The Crescent Tape was the product of a surreptitiously-hidden tape recorder placed strategically during a jamming session involving Lee Mavers (The La's) and members of the Liverpool band The Crescent.

In 1991 The La's promotional tour dates were fulfilled in the UK and Europe including a few festivals, and a US tour. Bassist John Power left the group on 13 December 1991, frustrated with having played essentially the same set of songs since 1986, and resurfaced a year later with his band Cast. The remainder of the 1991 concerts were performed with James Joyce on bass as well as a handful of 1992 dates. The band stopped touring and rehearsing in 1992 until further short-lived reunions, with various line-ups, throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

The La's reunited sporadically for a series of live performances throughout 1994 and 1995. The comeback was brought about due to a merchandising debt from the 1991 U.S. tour and the band played support slots to artists such as Oasis, Paul Weller and Dodgy. The reformed band consisted of differing line-ups for each concert and as well as Lee Mavers other performers included several former members such as Barry Sutton, Lee Garnett, John "Boo" Byrne, James Joyce, Peter "Cammy" Cammell and Neil Mavers.

In 1996, Mavers began recording at The Arch studio in Kew, London owned by ex-The Damned drummer Rat Scabies. Initially working alone, he was later joined in the studio by ex-The Stairs frontman Edgar Jones, Lee Garnett and Neil Mavers. The sessions ended because of damp in the studio, however Mavers and Summertyme continued to rehearse and record in Liverpool for a year. After the collapse of Go! Discs, Mavers recording contract with the label was acquired by PolyGram  and eventually expired in 1998. In 1998, Mavers began rehearsing with the then unsigned Liverpool band The Crescent. A bootleg recording of one of these rehearsals known as The Crescent Tape would later leak on to the Internet. source

I haven't edited this one at all, it is as I downloaded it back in the day. Special thanks to ToneGarvey for sharing the original mp3 files.

01 - Tears In The Rain
02 - When Will I See You Again #1
03 - When Will I See You Again #2
04 - Let's Go For A Ride
05 - Ladies And Gentlemen
06 - She Came Down #1
07 - She Came Down #2
08 - She Came Down #3
09 - Rebound
10 - Fishing Net
11 - Mindfield #1
12 - Mindfield #2
13 - Raindance
14 - Open Your Mind
15 - Open Your Mind - Bass
16 - Doledrum
17 - Feelin' Riff
18 - Jam #1
19 - Jam #2
20 - Jam #3
21 - Jam #4
22 - The Human Race
23 - Pitch Theory
24 - The Human Race (Reprise)
25 - "A Gang of Outlaws"
26 - Crescent Talk
27 - The Human Race - Guitar
28 - The Human Race - Vocals And Drums
29 - The Human Race - Drums
30 - The Human Race - More Guitar
31 - The Human Race - Band Jam
32 - The Human Race - Bass And Guitar
33 - Open Your Mind #1
34 - Open Your Mind #2
35 - Open Your Mind #3
36 - Open Your Mind #4
37 - Open Your Mind #5
38 - Open Your Mind #6
39 - The Human Race - Reprise #1
40 - The Human Race - Reprise #2
41 - The Human Race - Reprise #3
42 - "It's Too Much!"

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Late!: Pocketwatch (Dave Grohl Demo Tape)

Pocketwatch is a cassette album by Dave Grohl, under the pseudonym Late!, released in 1992 on the now defunct indie label Simple Machines as part of their Tool Cassette Series.

In the summer of 1991, Dave Grohl went into WGNS Studios and recorded four songs, playing all the instruments himself. The recording was combined with six songs from a previous Upland Studios session recorded in late 1990. Although both sessions occurred after joining Nirvana, Grohl unobtrusively acknowledged their existence. A tape of the songs, given to Simple Machines co-founder Jenny Toomey by Grohl, immediately became a candidate for the labels Tool Cassette Series. The 1990 sessions emerged as Grohl, then the drummer of Scream, requested his producer friend Barrett Jones to record songs in his home 8-track tape recorder. Upon accepting Simple Machines' request for a demo tape, Grohl decided to hide his identity under the pseudonym Late!, "because I’m an idiot and I thought it would be funny to say to everybody, 'Sorry, we’re Late!’".

I'm not sure of the source for this one as there are a number of bootlegs that feature these tracks. I downloaded them as 320kbps mp3 and dispite the cassette tape heritage the sound is actually very good. I did do a little bit of level adjustment and removed a couple of clicks/imperfections on tracks 01-10. I've also added four alternative versions taken fron various official releases. The download also includes the unedited mp3 files of tracks 01-10.

01 - Pokey The Little Puppy
02 - Petrol CB
03 - Friend Of A Friend
04 - Throwing Needles
05 - Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
06 - Color Pictures of A Marigold
07 - Hell's Garden
08 - Winnebago
09 - Bruce
10 - Milk

Bonus Tracks:
11 - Marigold (Demo Version)
12 - Marigold (B-side Version)
13 - Winnebago (B-side Version)
14 - Friend Of A Friend (Album Version)

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Monday, 29 June 2020

Longpigs: Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

Longpigs were a British alternative rock band who rose to fame on the fringe of Britpop in the 1990s, comprising Crispin Hunt (vocals), Richard Hawley (guitar), Simon Stafford (bass guitar) and former Cabaret Voltaire member Dee Boyle (drums) who was replaced by Andy Cook (drums) on their second album. Hailing from Sheffield, the group had success with singles such as "She Said", "On and On", and their well-received debut album The Sun Is Often Out (1996). source

Whenever discusing underrated 90s bands it usually won't belong until someone metions the Longpigs. A friend recommended them to me over a decade ago, up until that point I had never heard of them before which surprised me as they sounded exactly like the kind of band I would have been into during the mid to late 90s (if I wasn't busy listening to Oasis on an almost constant loop that is).
As the years have gone by I've come to like Longpigs more and more but it's putting this mix tape together I've really begun to appreciate what a great collection of songs are in their back catalogue.
It's a real shame that there has been an official "Complete Collection" or singles boxset released in the 20 years since the band split as that would be a must buy for me. In 2013 saw the release of "On And On: The Anthology" by 3 Loop Music but it seems to have been done with no involvement with any member of the band. So I've put this mix tape together of singles, b-sides and rarities. This isn't a definitive collection as there are a few b-sides missing but this is everything I have.

01 - She Said
02 - Take It All
03 - Devoted
04 - Juicy
05 - Jesus Christ
06 - Sweetness
07 - Vagina Song
08 - Whiteness
09 - Far
10 - Blah Blah Blah
11 - Amateur Dramatics
12 - Far (Sheffield Version)
13 - Lost Myself
14 - Floss
15 - The Wonder Drug
16 - When You're Alone
17 - On And On (Radio Mix)
18 - Your Face
19 - Dozen Wicked Words
20 - On And On (Pass The Snake Mix)
21 - She Said (Single Mix)
22 - Flare Is Meteor
23 - Soap Opera Credo
24 - Tendresse
25 - The Frank Sonata
26 - New York
27 - The Frank Sonata (Rae And Christian Remix)
28 - Blue Skies
29 - Headaches
30 - Elvis (BBC Radio 1 Session, 1995)
31 - All Hype (BBC Radio 1 Session, 1995)
32 - Free Toy (BBC Radio Session, 1999)
33 - Gangsters (BBC Radio 1 Session, 1999)
34 - Travel (Live at Glastonbury '97)

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Jeff Buckley: Rarities From NYC *UPDATED 2020*

"Rarities From NYC" is a collection of unreleased demo recordings and radio sessions from Jeff Buckley. I know very little about the original collection of song contained in a folder entitled "Rarities From NYC" that surfaced sometime around 2005. I can not find a tracklist or even confirm how many tracks were in the original file (I read somewhere there were at least fourteen). A post on the blogspot: "I Am Fuel, You Are Friends" shines a light on some of the tracks.

My collection contains as many of the original tracks as I could find, from multiple sources (I always try and get the highest possible quality/bitrate I can find) plus a few rarities and couple of bonus tracks.

Updated 31/03/16: I've now combined both my original upload and the revisited version to create this new improved collection of tracks. I've removed the studio demo of I Know It's Over as it is now available on the album You & I but I have added three "sketches" which were previously missing. I've also sucessfully removed the glitch from the radio promo version of Last Goodbye.

Update: 09/10/18: I was able to download tracks 01 and 05 from a better source I thought it would be nice to give this one a bit of an update of  new cover art (based heavily on the old one) and updated tags. I also took the opportunity to remove the clicks in "All Flowers In Time". I remastered the track for a Youtube video so I've included that version too.

Update: 25/06/2020: I've now split this collection into two new parts. Part One is the "Rarities From NYC" collection plus two acoustc tracks taken from the 'Idiots Delight' WXPK (K-Rock), NY radio session. Tracks 01 - 09 have been very lightly altered/edited for better sound. Nothing too invasive, in some cases I've just removed clicks (where possible) or adjusting volume levels.  Tracks 10 - 14 are a unaltered, these tracks are as I downloaded them. Track 15 is now in 320kbps quality. Tracks 16 & 17 have been remastered.
Part Two made up of the raw source tracks (01 - 10, 13 &14: these are the same tracks from part one but in their unedited/unaltered form, they are as I downloaded them) and other rarities.

Part One
01 - When The Levee Breaks
02 - I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be) (Alt. Take)
03 - Forget Her (Alt. Take)
04 - All Flowers In Time (feat. Elizabeth Fraser)
05 - When My Love Comes Down
06 - Sky Blue Skin
07 - You & I (Guitar Version)
08 - Opened Once (Instrumental)
09 - River Of Dope
10 - Moodswing Whiskey
11 - Witches' Rave
12 - Your Flesh Is Nice
13 - Let's Bomb The Moonlight
14 - Peace Offering
15 - Thousand Fold

16 - I Woke Up In A Strange Place (WXRK 'Idiots Delight' Radio Session 17.12.95)
17 - Lover, You Should've Come Over (WXRK 'Idiots Delight' Radio Session 17.12.95)

Part Two: Raw Sources and Other Rarities 

01 - When The Levee Breaks
02 - I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be) (Alt. Take)
03 - Forget Her (Alt. Take)
04 - All Flowers In Time (feat. Elizabeth Fraser)
05 - When My Love Comes Down
06 - Untitled (Sky Blue Skin)
07 - You & I (Guitar Version)
08 - Opened Once (Instrumental)
09 - River Of Dope
10 - Sky Blue Skin (Demo, September 13, 1996)
11 - All Flowers In Time (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) 2018 Remastered Version
12 - Last Goodbye (WHFS Radio Promo Version 11.06.95) - Glitch Fixed
13 - I Woke Up In A Strange Place (Live on 'Idiots Delight', WXRK Radio 17.12.95)
14 - Lover, You Should've Come Over (Live on 'Idiots Delight', WXRK Radio 17.12.95)
15 - All Flowers In Time (Live at Selina's, Coogee Bay Hotel 01.03.96)
16 - Lilac Wine Ft. Nina Simone (Marco Rigamonti Rai Tunes Remix)
17 - Opened Once (Marco Rigamonti Remix)

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