Friday, 21 August 2015

DJ John: Mash-up Mayhem!

A collection of wonderful mash-ups from DJ John. For Previews visit:

All these tracks were available to download free from DJ John's website ( before it disappeared quite some years back. I also managed to grab the info that DJ John gave on the tracks and I've included it all in the "Track Info.txt". An excellent set of mash-ups that I've listened to many, many times over the years.

01. 2 Boots, 8 Mins
02. Alan Parsons Project & Friends Medley
03. Devil Mix - 666 Went Down To Georgia
04. Chariots Of Fire Vs. Kalifornia Vs. Music Vs. It's My Life
05. Devil Candy Grillz
06. Electro Funk 21
07. It Takes Two 2 Kiss
08. Juke Box Hero Project
09. Lonely Siberian Winter (Xmas '06)
10. My Life Is A Sanctuary Of Forbidden Fruit
11. Rockin Down The House With Rum & Coca Cola
12. Nothing But The Everlasting Story
13. Teenage Wasteland Of 1999 (Easy Mix)
14. Teenage Wasteland Of 1999 (Overproduced Mix)
15. Throw The D Vs. Girls
16. Thunderstruck Your Body
17. Victim Of Da Funk - Preview

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Smiths: "Meat Is Murder" Live EP (Unreleased)

Following the success of the 1985 Meat Is Murder tour, the Smiths started planning the release of a live EP featuring material from the 18 March 1985 concert at the Oxford Apollo. However, plans were scrapped after the test pressing stage, and "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" from the most recent album "Meat Is Murder" was released in its place, except in Holland where Megadisc preferred another album track, "The Headmaster Ritual".

The "Meat Is Murder" live test pressings bear the same catalogue numbers as the "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" 7" and 12", and have become highly collectible. Two versions of the 7" have made it into the hands of lucky collectors, one with a Mayking label, the other with a pale yellow label.

All tracks are sourced from The Smiths Extra Track (and a tacky badge) remaster project. Special thanks goes to them for the wonderful job those guys did and making them available to everyone.
This was uploaded as Part II of the "You've Got Everything Now" B-sides and rarities collection but the file was taken down (why this file was picked on to be removed I have no idea). I have re-uploaded the original file and it contains Artwork and track information for both parts.

Meat Is Murder EP: Live at Apollo Theatre, Oxford, 18th March 1985

01. William, It Was Really Nothing
02. Nowhere Fast
03. Stretch Out And Wait
04. Shakespeare's Sister
05. Meat Is Murder
06. Miserable Lie

Bonus Tracks:
07. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Live at Brixton Academy, London 12th December 1986)
08. Hand In Glove (Live at Brixton Ace, London, 29th June 1983)
09. Girl Afraid (Live at Queen Margaret Hall, Glasgow, 2nd March 1984)
10. Handsome Devil (Live at The Hacienda, Manchester, 4th February 1983)
11. What's The World? (Live at Caird Hall, Dundee, 26th September 1985)
12. London (Live at National Ballroom, London, 23rd October 1986)