Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rage Against The Machine: Live & Rare (Import)

Live & Rare is a compilation of live and rare material by Rage Against The Machine, released only in Japan in 1998 and only available overseas as an import.

The last two tracks are taken from the UK limited edition 1999 single "Guerrilla Radio". This version of The Ghost Of Tom Joad is different to the one that appears on the album Renegades. The CD inlay notes say that it is taken from the album No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees.

01 - Bullet In The Head (Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands 07.02.93)
02 - Settle For Nothing (Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands 07.02.93)
03 - Bombtrack (Live In Minneapolis, MN USA 05.04.93)
04 - Take The Power Back (Live In Vancouver BC, Canada 11.04.93)
05 - Freedom (Live In Vancouver BC, Canada 11.04.93)
06 - Intro (Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos) (Live On Radio 3fm, Hilversum Netherlands 27.05.96)
07 - Zapata's Blood (Live On Radio 3fm, Hilversum Netherlands 27.05.96)
08 - Without A Face (Live On Radio 3fm, Hilversum Netherlands 27.05.96)
09 - Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox (Live in Detroit, MI USA 09.07.93)
10 - Fuck Tha Police (Live In Washington, DC USA 13.08.95)
11 - Darkness
12 - Clear The Lane
13 - The Ghost Of Tom Joad
14 - No Shelter

Password: RageLive

Friday, 15 January 2016

The Seahorses: Minus Blue (Unreleased Album Sessions)

The Seahorses had a lot of success with their debut album "Do It Yourself". It reached No2 in the UK album charts in May 1997 and would produce three top 20 singles but dispite the stand alone single "You Can Talk To Me" also getting top 20 status (reaching 15) there would be no more official releases from the band.

In January 1999 the band began recording their second album (under the working title of Minus Blue/Motocade) at the Olympic Studios with producer David Bottrill but the sessions were abandoned after guitarist and songwriter John Squire walked out of the studio and didn't return. The band's split was officially announced on 23rd January 1999, with a press release citing musical differences. It would later become apparant that it was tensions between lead singer and songwriter Chris Helm and Squire that came to a head which lead to the walkout and the end of The Seahorses.

Check out this great interview with lead-singer Chris Helme about his time with the band and his working relationship with John Squire. 

Way back in 2005 I purchased a CD-r of 10 tracks from the unreleased 2nd album sessions from a friend of a friend. I have no idea where these tracks were sourced but they do appear to be slightly different source than the tracks found on but I do wonder if that is simply down to differing compression rates. After comparing the two sources I decided to use the mp3 source as the base for my "remaster" as the CD-r source definitely sounded softer to my ears.

Remastered & Original Source
01 - Night Train
02 - 700 Horses
03 - Anamorphosis
04 - I Want You
05 - Cocksucker Blues
06 - Reach Out
07 - Dolphin
08 - Something Tells Me
09 - What Can You See? (Into The Light)
10 - Tombraid

Bonus Tracks Live Stuff:
01 - 1999 (Shepherds Bush Empire 09.12.97)
02 - City In The Sky (Ashton 30.03.98)
03 - Kill Pussycat Kill (Den Bosch 27.11.97)
04 - Love Me And Leave Me (Chris Solo Version, Key 103 '97)
05 - Tombraid (Ashton 30.03.98)
06 - Won't Let You Fall (Ashton 30.03.98)

Password: MinusBlue

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jeff Buckley: The Bus Album (Radio Sessions Revisited)

The Bus Album is a collection of radio sessions from Jeff Buckley. All dated from 1995.

These are the same radio sessions found on the Asking To Stay... collection but this time all the interview segments have been left in. All the sessions have been cleaned up to improve the sound and in some cases I have re-edited the tracks to remove the ad breaks. I recently found Jeff's interview with Triple J from 1995 and I've included it too.


Live on WHFS-FM ''Just Passin Thru'' (Omega Studios, Rockville MD, 11th June 1995)
01 - Intro
02 - Last Goodbye
03 - ''Just As Way Of Introduction''
04 - Lover, You Should've Come Over
05 - Interview
06 - So Real
07 - Interview
08 - Grace
09 - Outro

Live on WENZ 107.9FM (Cleveland, OH, 22nd May 1995)
10 - Intro
11 - Last Goodbye
12 - "Very Stirring"
13 - So Real
14 - "Great Stuff"
15 - Lover, You Should've Come Over (Fade Out)

Live on KFOG Radio (San Francisco, California 4th May 1995)
16 - Intro & Interview
17 - (All That I Ask) Last Goodbye
18 - Grace
19 - Outro

Bonus Track:
20 - Triple J Interview with Angela Catterns on JJJ-FM (Sydney, Australia) from 29th August 1995.

Password: JeffBus