Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Acoustic Sessions

A collection of acoustic radio sessions from Noel Gallagher plus an excellent interview from the BBC Radio 4 program "The Mastertapes".

Interview Notes:

John Wilson continues with the latest series of Mastertapes, in which he talks to leading performers and songwriters about the album that made them or changed them. Recorded in front of a live audience at the BBC's iconic Maida Vale Studios. Each edition includes two episodes, with John initially quizzing the artist about the album in question, and then, in the B-side, the audience puts the questions. Both editions feature exclusive live performances.

The A-side. 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' with Noel Gallagher
In 2009 Noel Gallagher left Oasis - one of the seminal bands of the Britpop era with seven multi-platinum albums including: 'Definitely Maybe', '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' and 'Be Here Now' - which became the fastest selling album in UK chart history. Two years later Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds also went to Number 1 in the UK with tracks like "Everybody's On the Run", "AKA... What A Life!" and "The Death of You and Me". Praised for its psychedelic tinges and eternal themes of love, loss and hope, it's been described as the best collection of songs "since his Morning Glory days".
With tracks inspired by New Orleans ragtime rhythms and Ennio Morricone-like strings, it put paid to rumours that its creator entered into a state of inertia after the end of Oasis. Noel Gallagher said of the album: "I won't criticize anything about Oasis because I loved being in that band and I was in charge of it, but there was always the feeling: how will this go down in Wembley, with 70,000 people braying for good times? This time I didn't have to think about that. I've got a guy playing wine glasses on one song, a saw on another. This is not Oasis."

The B-side: Having discussed the making of 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds', his first studio album since leaving Oasis (in the A-side of the programme, broadcast on Monday 8th December), Noel Gallagher responds to questions from the audience, performs acoustic live versions of some of the tracks from the album and looks forward to his next musical project "Chasing Yesterday" due out in 2015.

Producer: Paul Kobrak.

Acoustic Sessions
01 - Everybody's On The Run (Acoustic BBC Radio 4 Session 08.12.14)
02 - AKA... What A Life (Acoustic, BBC Radio 4 Session 08.12.14)
03 - If I Had A Gun (Acoustic, BBC Radio 4 Session 08.12.14)
04 - AKA... Broken Arrow (Acoustic, BBC Radio 4 Session 08.12.14)
05 - AKA... What A Life (Acoustic, 1live Session 14.09.11)
06 - If I Had A Gun (Acoustic, 1live Session 14.09.11)
07 - AKA... What A Life (Acoustic, BBC Radio 2 10.09.11)
08 - The Death Of You And Me (Acoustic, Radio Monte Carlo 25.09.11)
09 - If I Had A Gun (Acoustic, RTL Studios, Milan 25.09.11)
10 - AKA... What A Life! (Acoustic, RTL Studios, Milan 25.09.11)
11 - Supersonic (Acoustic, RTL Studios, Milan 25.09.11)
12 - The Dying Of The Light (Acoustic, RTÉ 2fm 28.02.15)

BBC Radio 4 "The Mastertapes" Interview
01 - Part One (A-side)
02 - Part Two (B-side)

Password: NoelAcoustic

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jeff Buckley: Freakout Or Fall In Love

Two Jeff Buckley radio broadcasts in one here. Both have been posted on my Youtube channel but I always encode my videos with 192kbps mp3 audio. So even if you have grabbed the audio from Youtube you may want to download the higher quality mp3s from here anyway.

The Mountain Stage (Charleston, West Virginia, America) 02.04.94
01. Lover, You Should've Come Over
02. Mojo Pin
03. "Freakout Or Fall In Love"
04. Grace
05. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (with John Hammond and Entourage)

The Rooftop Cafe, RRR Radio (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) 31.08.95 - Preview Below
01. Intro
02. Last Goodbye
03. Grace
04. All That I Ask
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Smiths: Demos & Outtakes (Bootleg)

Coverstar: Diana Dors in "Yield To The Night" (1956). TREON044
Demos & Outtakes is a bootleg from The Smiths made up of studio outtakes, instrumentals and demos dated from 1984 to 1987.

This is a stereo remaster of a direct rip from the Vinyl bootleg. Original stereo LP transfer by Steve
January 2011, cleanup by The Power of Independent Trucking.

01 - Reel Around The Fountain (Final Troy Tate Mix)
02 - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (John Porter Monitor Mix)
03 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Unreleased Studio Recording, June 1984)
04 - Rusholme Ruffians (Early Electric Version, July 1984)
05 - I Misses You (Unreleased Instrumental, December 1984)
06 - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Early Take, September 1985)
07 - The Queen Is Dead (Original Full-Length Version)
08 - Frankly, Mr. Shankly (Unreleased Stephen Street Recording, November 1985)
09 - Ask (Probable First-Ever Take, 9 June 1986)
10 - Is It Really So Strange (Unreleased Studio Take, June 1986)
11 - Shoplifters Of The World Unite (Instrumental)
12 - Sheila Take A Bow (Original John Porter Recording, January 1986)
13 - Girlfriend In A Coma (Early Take, January 1987)
14 - Death Of A Disco Dancer (First Take, April 1987)
15 - Paint A Vulger Picture (Early Take, April 1987)
16 - Heavy Track (Unreleased Instrumental, April 1987)

Password: SmithsDemo

The original vinyl bootleg.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Jeff Buckley: Live From The Bataclan *Remastered*

Live From The Bataclan is a wonderful live performance from Jeff Buckley. Recorded on the 11th February 1995 in Paris.

The exact source is unknown but it maybe an FM broardcast or an excellent audience recording. Although the sound quality isn't as good as the officially released tracks the sound is pretty damn good. I have done some audio clean-up here to reduce hiss and improve the over all sound. There is however a few audio glitches thoughout the performance (but not many, only two or three) that I couldn't remove without editing out parts of the performance. The last three tracks of the concert are missing as they are available on the "Live From The Bataclan" EP with is included in the Grace EP's Boxset.

01 - Last Goodbye
02 - So Real
03 - Grace
04 - Dream Brother
05 - Mojo Pin
06 - What Will You Say
07 - Lilac Wine
08 - Lover, You Should've Come Over
09 - Eternal Life
10 - Vancouver
11 - Kanga-Roo

Live from the Bataclan EP contains three tracks not found here.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Verve: Voyager 1

Voyager 1 is an unofficial vinyl release of live tracks from The Verve. All tracks are recorded in London and New York in 1992.

All tracks are sourced from an 320kbps mp3 download. No noise reduction has been attemped.

01 - Slide Away
02 - Gravity Grave
03 - One Way To Go
04 - South Pacific
05 - Already There
06 - She´s A Superstar

Bonus Tracks:
07 - A Man Called Sun (Live At Clapham Grande, 17.07.92)
08 - Gravity Grave (Live Encore At Clapham Grande, 17.07.92)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Oasis: Bones And Blisters (Live 1994 - 2009)

Bones And Blisters is a collection of live performances from Oasis dated between 1994 and 2009.

All tracks are sourced from a direct CD rip except * which are sourced from a DVD audio rip.

01 - Rock 'n' Roll Star (Live at City Of Manchester Stadium 02.07.05)
02 - Columbia  (Live At Glasgow Barrowlands 13.10.01)
03 - Champagne Supernova (Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage 10.8.96)
04 - Some Might Say (Live At Club Citta In Kawasaki, Japan 22.08.95)
05 - Live Forever (Live At Glastonbury 23.06.95)
06 - Supersonic (Live At Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland 09.03.94)
07 - Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live At G-Mex, Manchester 14.12.97)
08 - (It's Good) To Be Free (Live At Southend Cliffs Pavillion 17.04.95)*
09 - Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road 28.04.96)*
10 - Wonderwall (Live From Earls Court, London 4.11.95)
11 - Little By Little (Live At Finsbury Park 07.07.02) 
12 - The Importance Of Being Idle (Live At The Albert Hall 27.03.07)
13 - Gas Panic! (Live At Wembley Stadium 21.07.00)
14 - Don't Look Back in Anger (Live At The Roundhouse, London 21.07.09)

Bonus Track:
15 - My Generation (Live at City Of Manchester Stadium 02.07.05)

Password: TREON040

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jeff Buckley: Born Again From The Rhythm (Bootleg)

Born Again From The Rhythm is a collection of studio outtakes from the "Grace" recording sessions at Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY. Between September 20th and October 30th 1993.

Sourced from the silver-pressed bootleg by Godfather Records (GR172). Excellent sound quality.

01. Lover, You Should've Come Over
02. Eternal Life
03. Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan)
04. Dink's Song (traditional / John Lomax) - Preview Below
05. If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan)
06. Night Flight (Led Zeppelin)
07. Hallelujah (take 1)
08. Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan)
09. Mama, You've Been On My Mind (take 1) (Bob Dylan)
10. Mama, You've Been On My Mind (take 2) (Bob Dylan)
11. Hallelujah (take 2) (Leonard Cohen)
12. Mama, You've Been On My Mind (riff) (Bob Dylan)
13. Hallelujah (take 3) (Leonard Cohen)
14. Outro

Monday, 22 September 2014

Feeder: From All Sides (The B-side Collection)

From All Sides is a collection of B-sides from Feeder.

This collection is designed to be a companion to The Singles compilation and is made up of b-sides not included on the album Picture Of Perfect Youth. All tracks are direct CD rip from official CD single releases.

01 - Paperfaces (UK Single Mix)
02 - I For You - Preview Below
03 - We The Electronic
04 - Divebomb
05 - Crowd Of Stars
06 - I Need A Buzz
07 - Don't Bring Me Down
08 - Murmer

09 - Crash Mat
10 - Bring It Home
11 - Bruised
12 - Fly
13 - Reminders
14 - Purify
15 - Redemption
16 - High 5
17 - Bring It Together
18 - Heads
19 - Honeyfuzz
20 - Victoria

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ocean Colour Scene: Sessions (Bootleg)

Sessions is a silver pressed bootleg made up of B-sides, Radio Sessions, Live Tracks and other rarities from Ocean Colour Scene.

A direct CD rip of the bootleg.
Tracks 1, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Taken from the Single "The Day We Caught The Train" (1996).
Tracks 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 Taken from the Single "You've Got It Bad" (1996).

1. The Day We Caught the Train [Acoustic]
2. The Day We Caught the Train [TOTP 14/06/96]
3. The Riverboat Song [White Room 01/96]
4. You've Got It Bad [White Room 01/96]
5. Lining Your Pockets [Jools Holland 25/05/96]
6. 40 Past Midnight [Jools Holland 25/05/96]
7. Traveller's Tune [Simon Mayo 28/05/96]
8. The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago
9. Chicken Bones and Stones
10. I Need A Love Song - Preview Below
11. Justine
12. Traveller's Tune
13. Huckleberry Grove
14. I Wanna Stay Alive With You
15. Robin Hood
16. Men of Such Opinion
17. Here in My Heart
18. Beautiful Losers
19. The Riverboat Song [Electric Ballroom, Camden 09/05/96]
20. Day Tripper [Broadcast following day on Radio 1, Chris Evans]
21. The Day We Caught the Train [TFI Friday 31/05/96]


Monday, 11 August 2014

Oasis: Climbing The Sky (The Cabaret Metro '94)

Climbing The Sky is a silver pressed bootleg by Kobra Records of Oasis performing live at the Live At Cabaret Metro, Chicago (15.10.94).

This excellent soundboard recording is actually a copy of an official promo CD. This is a direct rip from the bootleg. Wonderful sound quality and performance.

01. Rock 'N' Roll Star
02. Columbia
03. Fade Away
04. Digsy's Dinner
05. Shakermaker
06. Live Forever
07. Bring It On Down
08. Up In The Sky
09. Slide Away
10. Cigarettes And Alcohol
11. Married With Children
12. Supersonic
13. I Am The Walrus

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Oasis: Live Demonstration Tape (Extended & Remastered)

 In 1992, Oasis were an up-and-coming live act in Manchester, with a small following, but no signs of a record contract. Realising their potential, Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher contacted Tony Griffiths of the Liverpool band The Real People. The two had met on a North American tour with the Inspiral Carpets, on which The Real People had been the opening act and Gallagher had worked as a roadie. Gallagher asked him if Oasis could use their studio to produce a professional sounding demo which they could then send to record companies. Griffiths and his brother Chris claim to have taught the band a lot about recording songs during that period. Around a dozen songs were recorded at the studio at Dock Road, Liverpool in Spring 1993, of which six songs ended up on the final Live Demonstration Tape. The versions of "D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?" and "Married With Children" were recorded at the home of co-producer Mark Coyle

This is a project that's been on and off for a few months. I've had a download of the original Live Demonstration Tape for quite sometime and decided it would be great to clean-up the audio and hopefully improve the sound. I actually finished that in March but then I managed to get hold of a FLAC rip of the Precreation Blues bootleg. Just as I was pondering whether to scrap my oringinal work and start again with this new source I got wind that Oasis were going to release (in limited numbers) a remastered verison of the cassette tape as a promotion for the reissue of Definitely Maybe. 

I was able to download the Remastered Tape from here: Special thanks goes to them for making this and so much more available and of cource a massive thank you to the original uploader Freddie.

What is available here is a cleaned up version of the tape plus extras in 320kbps mp3 format.
Tracks 1 to 8 are all taken from the 2014 remastered, re-issue of the Live Demonstration Tape. Tracks 9 & 11 are sourced from a direct CD rip. Tracks 10, 12 - 18 are all taken from mp3 download.

01 - Cloudburst (Remastered)
02 - Columbia (Remastered)
03 - D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman (Remastered)
04 - Strange Thing (Remastered)
05 - Bring It On Down (Remastered)
06 - Married With Children (Remastered)
07 - Fade Away (Remastered) 
08 - Rock 'n' Roll Star (Remastered)
09 - Alive (Demo)
10 - Cloudburst (Alternative Demo)
11 - Columbia (Alternative Demo)
12 - Bring It On Down (Alternative Demo) - Preview Below
13 - Rock 'n' Roll Star (Alternative Demo)
14 - Alive (Alternative Demo)
15 - Must Be The Music (Rehearsal)
16 - Comin' On Strong (Rehearsal)
17 - Lock All The Doors (Rehearsal)
18 - Strange Thing (Rehearsal)

Password: LiveDemo


Friday, 18 July 2014

Jeff Buckley: The Bright Lights In Sorrow (Live '95)

The Bright Lights In Sorrow is a selection of live tracks from Jeff Buckley.

The first four tracks are all ripped from the bootleg "Son Of The Starsailor". For some strange reason the openning track originally starts off with a sample taken from later on in the song. I was able to remove the added sample and restore the intro. I edited out "So Real" as it is available on the So Real EP which is included in The Grace EPs boxset.

Live at Nighttown in Rotterdam, Holland, 25.02.95
01 - Lover, You Should've Come Over
02 - Last Goodbye
03 - Grace
04 - Eternal Life

Live on 99X Atlanta Live X, APC Studios, Georgia, August '94 - Preview Below
05 - Last Goodbye
06 - So Real
07 - Mojo Pin
08 - Grace
09 - Lover, You Should've Come Over

Bonus Tracks:
10 - Mojo Pin (Columbia Records Radio Hour 12.01.95)
11 - Grace (Columbia Records Radio Hour 12.01.95)
12 - Last Goodbye (Mtv, 120 Minutes, New York 15.01.95)
13 - Vancouver (Mtv's Most Wanted, London 3.3.95)

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Grace Of Jeff Buckley

 The Grace Of Jeff Buckley is a 30 minute audio documentary originally broardcast 5th July 2014 on BBC Radio 4.

Since his desperately early death in May 1997, there's been an inevitable mythologising about the life and music of Jeff Buckley. Perhaps it's not surprising that in the posthumous rush to acknowledge his genius, memories have been clouded or, retrospectively,
given a silver lining.

The quiet, uncertain foundations of his reputation were laid on a solo tour of Europe three years earlier,
in March 1994 - and, in particular, during one day. On the 18th March, Buckley was scheduled for a photo shoot (with Kevin Westenberg), an appearance on BBC GLR and his first proper London concert, at a folk club called Bunjies. In 'The Grace of Jeff Buckley', those who were there speak for the first time about the man and his music: Buckley's American manager Dave Lory, his UK tour manager Steve Abbott, booking agent Emma Banks and photographer Kevin Westenberg share intimate memories that have so far not featured in the Buckley biography.

And the programme also includes rare archive: the GLR radio session that has not been heard since that live broadcast in 1994 - including an astonishing version of 'Grace' - and, exclusively, a private interview that Buckley recorded on the eve of this tour but decided not to release.

Together, these glimpses offer a portrait of a young man whose voice and musicianship, as well as his irresistible charisma and the trauma of his early death, touched millions.

Produced by Alan Hall.
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

The download includes the documentary plus the two complete GLR session tracks and an interview thought to be a promo to accompany Sin-é, but was never released. The last two tracks are from the Mark Radcliffe session. I remastered these two tracks originally for the "Asking To Stay" bootleg but didn't use them so I thought I would make them available here.

01 - The Grace Of Jeff Buckley (Documentary)
02 - Grace (GLR Radio Session 17.03.94)
03 - Lover, You Should've Come Over (GLR Radio Session 17.03.94)
04 - Interview (Unreleased Promo)
05 - Grace (Mark Radcliffe Session 22.08.94)
06 - So Real (Mark Radcliffe Session 22.08.94)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Smiths: You've Got Everything Now (B-sides & Rarities)

Cover Star: Viv Nicholson TREON029
You've Got Everything Now is a collection of B-sides and Rarities from The Smiths that are not included in their "Complete" boxset

All tracks are sourced from The Smiths Extra Track (and a tacky badge) remaster project. Special thanks goes to them for the wonderful job those guys did and making them available to everyone.

01. This Charming Man (New York Vocal)
02 . You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (UK Version - Repitched)
03. I Don't Owe You Anything (Sandie Shaw Version)
04. Rubber Ring
05. Asleep
06. Accept Yourself
07. Wonderful Woman
08. Jeane
09. Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw Version)
10. These Things Take Time
11. This Charming Man (London)
12. The Draize Train
13. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (12" Extended Mix)
14. Jeane (Sandie Shaw Version)
15. This Charming Man (New York Instrumental)
16. How Soon Is Now? (Withdrawn Italian 12" Version)
17. I Keep Mine Hidden
18. Work Is A Four-Letter Word
19. Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw Version - Alt. Mix)
20. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (US Version - Repitched)
21. This Charming Man (Single Remix)
22 - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Australian Edit)
23 - What Difference Does It Make (7'' Edit)

Password: SmithsRare

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Jeff Buckley: Asking To Stay... A Collection Of Radio Sessions

Asking To Stay... is a collection of radio sessions from Jeff Buckley.

All tracks are sourced from the FM broadcast as far as I can tell. I have been able to cleaned up the audio to some effect but due to the deteriorated nature of the original source the tape heritage can still be heard.
I have previously tried to remaster some of these tracks before (Tracks 1 to 4 and 9 to 12) and have posted my efforts on my Youtube channel but for this collection I have gone back to the original files and started over using a few new tricks I have picked up since my first attempt.


 Live on WHFS-FM ''Just Passin Thru'' (Omega Studio, Rockville MD, 16th April 1995)
01 - Last Goodbye
02 - Lover, You Should've Come Over - Preview Below (Pre-clean up)
03 - So Real
04 - Grace
 Live on WENZ 107.9FM (Cleveland, OH, 22nd May 1995) 
05 - Last Goodbye
06 - So Real
 Live on KFOG Radio (San Francisco, California 4th May 1995)
07 - (All That I Ask) Last Goodbye
08 - Grace
Live from The Knitting Factory 'The Music Faucet', 91.1 WFMU (East Orange, New Jersey, 19th April 1992)
09 - Satisfied Mind
10 - Killing Time 
11 - All Tomorrow's Parties
12 - I Know It's Over


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Feeder: Frequency (Volume Two)

Frequency (Volume Two) is an add-on pack for the first collection of rare alternative mixes and radio session from Feeder. Click Here For Part One.

01 - Tumble And Fall (Radio Mix)
02 - Pushing The Senses (Chris Sheldon Mix)
03 - Broken (Junkie XL Remix) 
04 - Blockheads (Grant Nicholas & The Blockheads)
05 - Love Pollution (Rtl2 Acoustic Session '02)
06 - Child In You (Rtl2 Acoustic Session '02)
07 - Home For Summer (First Take, SBN Session 13.11.00)
08 - Buck Rogers (Session In Wales) - Preview Below
09 - Home For Summer (Session In Wales)
10 - Heads (Session In Wales)
11 - Borders (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12) 
12 - Just The Way I'm Feeling (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12)
13 - Children Of The Sun (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12) 
14 - Dove Grey Sands (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12)
15 - Lost & Found (Billy Sloan Clyde 1 Session 23.4.06) 
16 - Miss You (TakaTube Mix)
17 - At The Crypt (Instrumental)
18 - Broken (Junkie XL Extended Remix)

Bonus Track: 
You're My Evergreen (Radio 1 Session 02.09.99) 
CD Source: To replace the (192kbps) download source in part one.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Smiths: The Troy Tate Sessions

The Troy Tate Sessions is a two part collection of 27 tracks from The Smiths aborted studio sessions for The Smiths 1984 debut album. Recorded in the Summer of 1983 in Elephant studios in Wapping the band completed 14 tracks with former Tear Drops Explode guitarist Troy Tate. Everything was running smoothly until doubts began to arise at the quality of the recordings. A rough cassette version of the sessions were passed on to producer John Porter with a view to him remixing them but after listening to them he requested to hear the original masters under studio conditions. Porter was so unimpressed with the results that he concluded that it might be best to scrap the tapes and re-record the material. The band did just that.

I originally downloaded this set from here but I have since been able to download many of the tracks from several different sources with much improved sound quality. I have marked the tracks that have been replaced and their sources are show below.

The Core Sessions Tracklist:
01 - Reel Around The Fountain*
02 - You've Got Everything Now
03 - Miserable Lie
04 - These Things Take Time**
05 - Wonderful Woman**
06 - Handsome Devil
07 - Suffer Little Children
08 - Pretty Girls Make Graves***
09 - Hand In Glove
10 - What Difference Does It Make?
11 - I Don't Owe You Anything
12 - Jeane****
13 - What Difference Does It Make? (Demo)**

The Rare Mixes Tracklist:
01 - Reel Around The Fountain**
02 - You've Got Everything Now**
03 - Miserable Lie**
04 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
05 - Accept Yourself (Version #1)**
06 - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle**
07 - Handsome Devil**
08 - Wonderful Woman****
09 - Hand In Glove**
10 - What Difference Does It Make?**
11 - Jeane (Demo)**
12 - I Don't Owe You Anything**
13 - Suffer Little Children**
14 - Accept Yourself (Version #2)**

* Warners Source - Taken from the bootleg LP "Demos & Outtakes". Remastered, Stereo.
**Soundsville Paul Source. April 2011 Analog Loyalist mastering.
***CD Source. Taken from "The Sound Of The Smiths". Remastered
****Analog Loyalist Source. Remastered.

Password: TroyTate

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Morrissey: B-sides & Rarities

A collection of B-sides, demos and other rarities from Morrissey.

All tracks are sourced from mp3 download except for tracks 08 - 13, 24, 25 and 36 which are direct CD rip.

01 - Lost
02 - Heir Apparent
03 - The Edges Are No Longer Parallel
04 - This Is Not Your Country
05 - Now I Am A Was
06 - I Can Have Both
07 - Sorrow Will Come In The End
08 - Let The Right One Slip In
09 - Happy Lovers At Last United
10 - Lifeguard On Duty
11 - Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness (Demo Version)
12 - Oh Phoney
13 - The Bed Took Fire (Early Version Of 'At Amber')
14 - Let The Right One Slip In (Long Mix)
15 - You Should Have Been Nice To Me
16 - Fantastic Bird
17 - Nobody Loves Us
18 - ''Honey, You Know Where To Find Me''
19 - A Song From Under The Floorboards
20 - Interlude (Solo Version Extended Edit)
21 - No One Can Hold A Candle To You
22 - The Slum Mums
23 - Human Being
24 - The Public Image
25 - Mexico
26 - I Am Two People
27 - Interlude (Solo Version Album Edit)
28 - Treat Me Like A Human Being (Demo)
29 - Safe, Warm Lancashire Home (Demo)
30 - Honey, You Know Where To Find Me (Demo)
31 - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (Demo)
32 - Irish Blood, English Heart (Demo)
33 - Let Me Kiss You (Demo)
34 - My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye (Demo)
36 - Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice (Maida Vale Studios, May '04)
36 - No One Can Hold A Candle To You (Maida Vale Studios, May '04)
37 - Action Is My Middle Name (Janice Long Session 15.06.11)
38 - Something Is Squeezing My Skull (Later... with Jools Holland 08.02.08)
39 - First Of The Gang To Die (Live at the Manchester Arena 22.05.04)

Password: RareMoz

The Morrissey album "Swords" contains 18 tracks of B-sides not found here. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Jeff Buckley: Live At The Knitting Factory '97

Jeff Buckley performs a solo set live at the Knitting Factory, New York (4th February 1997). This is a soundboard recording with excellent sound quality.
1. Lover, You Should've Come Over
2. Jewel Box
3. Morning Theft
4. Grace (with Gary Lucas)
5. The Sky Is A Landfill
6. Everybody Here Wants You
7. Yard Of Blonde Girls

Jeff performing live at the Knitting Factory '97

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kula Shaker: Tall Tales From The Other Side (The B-side Collection)

Tall Tales From The Other Side is a collection of B-sides from Kula Shaker dated between 1996 and 1999.

Updated 12/03/16. The download is now in two parts and contains more tracks (inluding the Hush EP!) and now all except two of the tracks are at 320kbps.

01 - Another Life
02 - Dance In Your Shadow
03 - Moonshine
04 - Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix)
05 - Tattva On St. George's Day
06 - Red Balloon (Vishnu's Eyes)
07 - Troubled Mind
08 - Drop In The Sea
09 - Govinda (Radio Mix)
10 - Gokula
11 - Hey Dude (Live At The Astoria)
12 - The Leek
13 - Govinda '97, Hari & St. George
14 - Govinda (Monkey Mafia Pigsy's Vision)
15 - Govinda (Monkey Mafia Ten To Ten)
16 - Hush
17 - Raagy One (Waiting For Tomorrow)
18 - Under The Hammer
19 - Knight On The Town (Live at the London Astoria)
20 - Smart Dogs (Live at Aston Villa Leisure Centre)
21 - Govinda (Live at Plymouth Pavilion 26.01.97)
22 - Hurry On Sundown (Hari Om Sundown)
23 - Reflections Of Love
24 - Fairyland
25 - The One That Got Away
26 - Smile
27 - Guitar Man
28 - Prancing Bride
29 - Avalonia
30 - Holy River
31 - Goodbye Tin Terriers
32 - The Dancing Flea
33 - Light Of The Day

Password for both Parts: TallTales

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Oasis: J.I.L.Y. (AKA... Cardiff Supernova)

J.I.L.Y. [Unreleased Live Album] is an Oasis bootleg of the performance at the International Arena, Cardiff, UK, March 19th 1996. The bootleg itself became quite famous by posing as a fake Creation Records release and is increasingly rare. This is one of my favourite Oasis bootlegs due the combination of the excellent performance and the fantastic quality of the recording.

This is a collection of tracks that are found on the bootleg J.I.L.Y. and not a rip of the bootleg itself. Tracks are sourced from 320kbps mp3, FLAC or from a direct silver CD rip. All tracks in the download are 320kbps mp3. See Track Info.txt for details.

CD Two has been updated with a new track order to replicate the J.I.L.Y bootleg.
Bonehead's Bank Holiday & Champagne Supernova (Promo Version) now both come from a new and improved source.

CD One Tracklist:
01. The Swamp Song 
02. Acquiesce - Preview Below
03. Supersonic
04. Hello 
05. Some Might Say 
06. Roll With It 
07. Shakermaker
08. Round Are Way/Up In The Sky
09. Morning Glory
10. Cigarettes And Alcohol 
11. Champagne Supernova 
CD Two Tracklist:
01. Whatever/Octupus's Garden (Acoustic) 
02. Wonderwall (Acoustic) 
03. Slide Away (Acoustic) 
04. Don't Look Back In Anger
05. Live Forever 
06. I Am The Walrus
07. Noel Interview #1
08. Noel Interview #2

09. Bonehead's Bank Holiday 
10. Champagne Supernova (Lynch Mob Beats Mix '95, 12" Vinyl Version)
11. Champagne Supernova (Promo Version)
12. Champagne Supernova (Radio Edit) 
13. Champagne Supernova (Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage 10.8.96)
14. Champagne Supernova (Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage 11.8.96)

Password: TREON022