Monday, 23 March 2015

Jeff Buckley: Live On KCRW 1994

Two radio sessions from Jeff Buckley, performed for KCRW in 1994. Both sessions have been recorded from the mp3 stream on the KCRW website.

The interview parts in the Morning Becomes Eclectic session have been edited out here as it wasn't all that great to listen too. The Man In The Moon session is a solo acoustic session and is the complete show. The download also contains three bonus tracks from another "Live & Acoustic" session.


Morning Becomes Eclectic Session (28.07.94)
01 - Chocolate/Mojo Pin
02 - Corpus Christi Carol - Preview Below
03 - Grace
04 - So Real
05 - Lover, You Should've Come Over

Man In The Moon Solo Session (04.01.94)
06 - Grace
07 - ''When They Do It, It's Real''
08 - I Against I (Bad Brains Cover)
09 - ''Why Did You Make Me Do That?!?''
10 - Lover, You Should've Come Over
11 - ''It's Man In The Moon''
12 - Last Goodbye
13 - ''I'm Everybody's Guest''
13 - Strange Fruit

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paul Weller: Tell Me More (Bootleg)

Tell Me More: The Other Side Of Stanley Road is a silverpressed bootleg made up of demos, radio sessions and other rarities from Paul Weller. For More Info Click Here.

I've been holding back posting this one due to the fact that a lot of these tracks are available on official releases (and in the case of some of the radio sessions in much better quality) but there are a few tracks here that either haven't had an official release or are slightly different to the ones that have. The artwork isn't of the actual bootleg but one I've created myself as I couldn't get a decent image of the original.

01 - Stanley Road (Demo)
02 - Porcelain Gods (Demo, Backing Track)
03 - Time Passes (Demo)
04 - Broken Stones (Demo) - Preview Below
05 - You Do Something To Me (Demo)
06 - Broken Stones (Maida Vale 24.4.95)
07 - Woodcutters Son (Maida Vale 24.4.95)
08 - I Walk On Gilded Splinters (Maida Vale 24.4.95)
09 - Time Passes (Maida Vale 24.4.95)
10 - Out Of The Sinking (Oxford St 17.5.95)
11 - You Do Something To Me (Maida Vale 22.5.95)
12 - Out Of The Sinking (US Radio 10.5.94)
13 - Out Of The Sinking (Emma Freud 15.6.95)
14 - Steam (Different Mix)
15 - I'd Rather Go Blind (Different Mix)
16 - The Changing Man (White Room 17.5.94)
17 - Porcelain Gods (White Room 17.5.94)
18 - Wild Wood (Portishead Mix)

Password: TellMeMore