Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jeff Buckley: Live At Club Logo 1995

Jeff Buckley live at Club Logo Hamburg, Germany (22.02.95).

It's been on my mind to clean this one up for a while. Although the audio quality of the original file was very good the levels were a little low and there was quite a lot of hiss during the quieter moments. I've removed as many of the audio glitches as I could as well as restored the intro (by taking it from an official source) and I've added an outro to remove DJ chatter at the end.

01 - Dream Brother
02 - So Real
03 - Last Goodbye
04 - What Will You Say
05 - Lilac Wine
06 - Mojo Pin
07 - Grace
08 - Eternal Life
09 - Lover, You Should've Come Over
10 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
11 - Hallelujah
12 - Kanga Roo

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oasis: Live At Maida Vale 93/94 (Revisited)

Two classic performances from Oasis live from Maida Vale Studios from 1993 and 1994. Now with added tracks and improved sound!

I decided to go back and improve the sound of some of the tracks on this one. The tracks that are crossed out are included in the download but haven't had any improvements made to them as they were as good as I could get them at the time. I've also added two more bonus tracks from a 1995 acoustic session on the Simon Mayo Show. These two tracks were included in the "Better Than Going To Church" acoustic bootleg but here I've gone back to the original source file and cleaned up the audio quite a bit.


BBC Radio 1. The Evening Session. Recorded: not known
Broadcast: 22nd December 1993
01 - Cigarettes and Alcohol
02 - Shakermaker - Re-edited to restore the intro and outro
03 - Bring It On Down
04 - Up In The Sky (Acoustic) - New Promo CD source
05 - Supersonic (Acoustic)
06 - Married With Children (Acoustic)

BBC Radio 1. The Evening Session. Recorded: 14th December 1994
Broadcast: 15th December 1994 - All re-edited with improved sound
07 - It’s Good To Be Free
08 - Married With Children
09 - Sad Song (Acoustic)
10 - Talk Tonight (Acoustic)
11 - Whatever
12 - I Am The Walrus

Bonus Tracks:  
MTV Most Wanted, 18th August 1994
Recorded at Camden Studios, London - Remixed for improved sound
13 - Whatever (Acoustic)
14 - Live Forever (Acoustic)

BBC Radio 1. Simon Mayo Show. 
Broadcast: 3rd October 1995
15 - Cast No Shadow (Acoustic)
16 - Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Feeder: The Live Collection

A collection of live performances from Feeder dated between 1998 and 2009.

Feeder bootlegs are incredibly rare to come by these days. I have a few but none of them with a higher bitrate than 192kbps. Given the low bitrate I thought it probably best to upload them here as one post instead of spreading them out over a few weeks or months. If you are a Feeder fan then it may be a chance to hear some stuff you haven't heard before.

Part One Includes:
Live from Glastonbury Festival (24.06.2000) - Incomplete 6 Tracks
Live at Conor Hall '03 - Incomplete? 8 Tracks*
Live from One Big Sunday '03 - Complete 9 Tracks
Live from the London Festival '08 - Incomplete 6 Track EP
* I have been told that this performance is incomplete but I have not seen a full tracklisting to find out what exactly is missing.

Part Two Includes:
Miscellaneous Live Performances - 23 Tracks dated between 1998 and 2009.

Friday, 2 January 2015

The La's: The Kitchen Demo Tape

The Kitchen Demo Tape is a 1989 rehearsal recording of The La's featuring a number of unreleased songs. The audio is thought to have been originally sourced from a video of the band performing in the kitchen of Go! Discs boss Andy Macdonald. The La's frontman Lee Mavers described the recording as "A load of fucking garbage." during an interview with NME in 2009 but the Kitchen Tape is a must for fans of The La's.

I originally downloaded the file from HERE but I have cleaned up the audio a bit and removed a few gaps where it breaks up at the beginning of the tape.

1. When Will I See You Again? (03:13)
2. Our Time (02:19)
3. Robber Man (03:02)
4. She Came Down in the Morning (04:35)
5. Was it Something I Said? (Take 1) (00:54)
6. Was it Something I Said? (04:30)
7. It's Impossible (Take 1) (01:15)
8. It's Impossible (03:00)
9. (Chatter) / Tears in the Rain (Take 1) (00:53)
10. Tears in the Rain (04:06)
11. I am the Key (04:08)
12. (Chatter) / Go Go Daddy (Take 1) (03:48)
13. Go Go Daddy (03:50)

Total Running Time: 00:39:29