Saturday, 27 February 2016

Oasis: The SOTSOG Sessions (Demos, B-sides & Rarities)

The Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Sessions is a collection of demo recordings, b-sides, promo tracks and other rarities from Oasis.

These songs were recorded in Noel’s home studio at Supernova Heights and at Wheeler End Studios with the assistance of Mark Coyle and Paul Stacey between 1998 and early 1999.  All tracks are sung by Noel with the exception of Little James which is sung by Liam.

“The thing about Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is that I had a full year to sit in my 16-track bedroom studio with an engineer friend and make demos, whereas the demo sessions for Be Here Now were finished in two weeks and they were really rough. We didn’t bother about what sounds we were going to use, or the arrangements, or anything. I thought, “We’ll work all that out when we get to the studio.”  This time, however, I had basically done the album twice before it even got to the band. I had written and recorded the songs on a little Walkman, and then I demoed the tracks on ADATs in my bedroom. And we ended up using a lot of stuff from the demos on the actual record because the demos were that good.”Noel Gallagher,, 2000

Noel recording demos at Wheeler End Studios
15 tracks were leaked onto the Internet via a private FTP on the 31st January 2000. These songs are known to have been recorded during these demo sessions before the band converged to the south of France with Mark Stent to record the album proper.

Tracklist (Demos):
01 - Fuckin' In The Bushes
02 - Go Let It Out
03 - Who Feels Love?
04 - Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
05 - Little James
06 - Gas Panic!
07 - Where Did It All Go Wrong?
08 - Sunday Morning Call
09 - I Can See A Liar
10 - Roll It Over
11 - Cigarettes In Hell
12 - Carry Us All
13 - Lets All Make Believe
14 - Just Getting Older
15 - Let There Be Love
16 - Revolution Song

Tracklist (B-sides & Rarities):
17 - Teotihuacán
18 - Fuckin' In The Bushes (Clean Version)
19 - Go Let It Out (Demo)
20 - Who Feels Love (Acoustic Version)
21 - Gas Panic! (Demo)
22 - Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Semi-Acoustic Version)
23 - Sunday Morning Call (Acoustic Version)
24 - Let's All Make Believe
25 - (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell
26 - One Way Road
27 - Helter Skelter
28 - Carry Us All
29 - Full On
30 - Carnation
31 - To Be Someone
32 - Fuckin' In The Bushes (12" Vinyl Promo Version)

Password For Both Parts: GiantsDemo


  1. Hi,

    A couple of other tracks for the Giants collection.

    Fuckin' In The Bushes - Alternative cassette tape source, no skips.
    Fuckin' In The Bushes (Demo #2) - Jimi Hendrix drum sample. Withdrawn due to copyright issues from the Hendrix Estate.
    Carry Us All (Demo #2) - Missing a verse, 15 seconds shorter.
    Teotihuacán (Short Edit, Different Mix) - Taken from the end credits of the X-Files movie.
    Go Let It Out (Instrumental) - Sourced from TV / Radio Station promo CD.



    1. Thank you so much for these. I hadn't heard the different Carry Us All demo before.

  2. Massive thanks for sharing this, much appreciated.