Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Smiths: You've Got Everything Now (B-sides & Rarities)

Cover Star: Viv Nicholson TREON029
You've Got Everything Now is a collection of B-sides and Rarities from The Smiths that are not included in their "Complete" boxset

All tracks are sourced from The Smiths Extra Track (and a tacky badge) remaster project. Special thanks goes to them for the wonderful job those guys did and making them available to everyone.

01. This Charming Man (New York Vocal)
02 . You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (UK Version - Repitched)
03. I Don't Owe You Anything (Sandie Shaw Version)
04. Rubber Ring
05. Asleep
06. Accept Yourself
07. Wonderful Woman
08. Jeane
09. Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw Version)
10. These Things Take Time
11. This Charming Man (London)
12. The Draize Train
13. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (12" Extended Mix)
14. Jeane (Sandie Shaw Version)
15. This Charming Man (New York Instrumental)
16. How Soon Is Now? (Withdrawn Italian 12" Version)
17. I Keep Mine Hidden
18. Work Is A Four-Letter Word
19. Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw Version - Alt. Mix)
20. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (US Version - Repitched)
21. This Charming Man (Single Remix)
22 - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Australian Edit)
23 - What Difference Does It Make (7'' Edit)

Password: SmithsRare

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Jeff Buckley: Asking To Stay... A Collection Of Radio Sessions

Asking To Stay... is a collection of radio sessions from Jeff Buckley.

All tracks are sourced from the FM broadcast as far as I can tell. I have been able to cleaned up the audio to some effect but due to the deteriorated nature of the original source the tape heritage can still be heard.
I have previously tried to remaster some of these tracks before (Tracks 1 to 4 and 9 to 12) and have posted my efforts on my Youtube channel but for this collection I have gone back to the original files and started over using a few new tricks I have picked up since my first attempt.


 Live on WHFS-FM ''Just Passin Thru'' (Omega Studio, Rockville MD, 16th April 1995)
01 - Last Goodbye
02 - Lover, You Should've Come Over - Preview Below (Pre-clean up)
03 - So Real
04 - Grace
 Live on WENZ 107.9FM (Cleveland, OH, 22nd May 1995) 
05 - Last Goodbye
06 - So Real
 Live on KFOG Radio (San Francisco, California 4th May 1995)
07 - (All That I Ask) Last Goodbye
08 - Grace
Live from The Knitting Factory 'The Music Faucet', 91.1 WFMU (East Orange, New Jersey, 19th April 1992)
09 - Satisfied Mind
10 - Killing Time 
11 - All Tomorrow's Parties
12 - I Know It's Over


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Feeder: Frequency (Volume Two)

Frequency (Volume Two) is an add-on pack for the first collection of rare alternative mixes and radio session from Feeder. Click Here For Part One.

01 - Tumble And Fall (Radio Mix)
02 - Pushing The Senses (Chris Sheldon Mix)
03 - Broken (Junkie XL Remix) 
04 - Blockheads (Grant Nicholas & The Blockheads)
05 - Love Pollution (Rtl2 Acoustic Session '02)
06 - Child In You (Rtl2 Acoustic Session '02)
07 - Home For Summer (First Take, SBN Session 13.11.00)
08 - Buck Rogers (Session In Wales) - Preview Below
09 - Home For Summer (Session In Wales)
10 - Heads (Session In Wales)
11 - Borders (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12) 
12 - Just The Way I'm Feeling (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12)
13 - Children Of The Sun (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12) 
14 - Dove Grey Sands (Xfm Acoustic Session 22.02.12)
15 - Lost & Found (Billy Sloan Clyde 1 Session 23.4.06) 
16 - Miss You (TakaTube Mix)
17 - At The Crypt (Instrumental)
18 - Broken (Junkie XL Extended Remix)

Bonus Track: 
You're My Evergreen (Radio 1 Session 02.09.99) 
CD Source: To replace the (192kbps) download source in part one.