Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jeff Buckley: The Roskilde Festival '95

UPDATE: An all new remastered version has now been added to the blog:

Jeff Buckley live at the Roskilde Festival (30/06/95). This excellent performance has been edited together from three different sources for the best possible quality. All sources originate from a soundboard recording.

 After downloading what I thought was Jeff Buckley live at Nighttown, in Rotterdam I quickly discovered what I had was tracks from a bootleg called "Son Of The Starsailor", a mixture of live tracks from three different performances. To my dismay the excellent version of "Hallelujah" (from the Roskilde Festival) broke up near the end so I set out to find it in complete form, and if possible the complete concert.

After a long search and many dead links I found a FLAC download of an FM broadcast. The sound quality was very good but there was a catch. The radio station ID would callout 3 or 4 times throughout the performance including right in the middle of "Hallelujah" (a travesty!). I archived the download and left it at that. That was until earlier this month when I was able to get my hands on 6 of the 12 tracks as an mp3 download from an alternative soundboard source and in a greater slice of luck I was able to purchase a physical copy of the bootleg "Son Of The Starsailor" containing a further 3 tracks from the performance! So I used all three sources to reconstruct the whole performance with all the station ID's removed. This is the result....

01. So Real
02. Dream Brother
03. Eternal Life
04. Kick Out The Jams
05. Last Goodbye
06. What Will You Say
07. Lilac Wine
08. Mojo Pin
09. Grace
10. Vancouver
11. Kanga Roo
12. Hallelujah

Jeff backstage at the Roskilde Festival.