Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Oasis: Live At Knebworth Park 1996


 Oasis perform live at Knebworth Park 10th/11th August 1996.


  "The gigs which defined Britpop, and crowned Oasis as kings of the movement, this was the moment Liam, Noel, Bonehead, Guigsy and Whitey confirmed their all-too-fleeting status as the most popular British band since The Beatles. Over two nights in August 1996, the 250,000-plus people who were the lucky two million or so to get tickets payed homage to a band which was at its zenith. Knebworth was a culmination of the phenomenal world-wide rise Oasis had enjoyed following the release of their second album ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?‘ and the huge global hit Wonderwall’. For a short time, they were the biggest band in the world, and these two nights captured just what that meant to both the bandmates and their army of fans, still in touch with their adidas-clad heroes and still truly representing all that is great about rock and roll. The significance of the gig was lost on no-one, and was summed up perfectly by Noel Gallagher as he strode on to the stage on the second night and declared: ‘This is history!’."

There are rumours that this will be officially released next year, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the performance but until then we have this: Sourced from the bootleg "Welcome To Planet Earth", an excellent soundboard recording (which hasn't gone through the brickwalling that mars modern mastering), I've edited out all the imperfections and gaps to recreate the whole performance. The download also contains audience recordings of the missing tracks "My Big Mouth" and "It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)", which I have also cleaned up for better sound.


01 - The Swamp Song
02 - Columbia 
03 - Acquiesce
04 - Supersonic
05 - Hello
06 - Some Might Say
07 - Roll With It
08 - Slide Away
09 - Morning Glory 
10 - Round Are Way
11 - Cigarettes And Alcohol
12 - Whatever / Octopus' Garden
13 - Cast No Shadow
14 - Wonderwall
15 - The Masterplan
16 - Don't Look Back In Anger
17 - Live Forever
18 - Champagne Supernova
19 - I Am The Walrus

Bonus Tracks:
20 - My Big Mouth
21 - It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)

Tracks 1 - 16 - Live At Knebworth Park, Stevenage, England, UK 11.08.1996 .
Tracks 17 - 21 - Live At Knebworth Park, Stevenage, England, UK 10.08.1996 .


  1. Dude, are tracks 17 - 21 really from the 1st night ???

    1. All tracks are sourced from the bootleg "Welcome To Planet Earth" (HUNA09/10). I got all the date information from here:

    2. tracks 17-21 are from the 1st night as there was a (not unreasonable) request not to broadcast my big mouth and its getting better man (as they were unreleased / unheard at that stage).
      Using the remainder of the 1st night just avoided an annoying 15 minute pause on the radio 1 night 2 broadcast.

      I went to both Maine Road and Knebworth and for what its worth thought Maine Road was much better. Knebworth was good but just too big in my opinion.