Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Oasis: The Ear Has No Memory (The DBTT Sessions)

 The Ear Has No Memory is a collection of demos and studio outtakes by Oasis from around 2005.

I downloaded tracks 01 to 14 together some years ago and I can't remember where from. I don't think these tracks are available in a higher bitrate and some of the tracks that are labelled as "Demo" are most probably early mixes and not the actual demo version. I'm also pretty sure Man Of Misery is taken from the Dig Out Your Soul sessions. The rest of the tracks are taken from various sources. Track 15 is a fan edit but I have no information on who did it (Idledreamer, maybe?), if you do let me know and I'll update this section to give them full credit.

01 - Turn Up The Sun (Demo)
02 - Lyla (Demo)
03 - Love Is Like A Bomb (Demo)
04 - The Importance Of Being Idle (Demo)
05 - The Meaning Of Soul (Demo)
06 - A Bell Will Ring (Demo)
07 - Let There Be Love (Demo)
08 - Record Machine (Demo)
09 - Lord Don’t Slow Me Down (Alt. Vocal Version)
10 - Stop The Clocks (Demo Mix #1)
11 - Eyeball Tickler (Demo)
12 - Ain't Got Nothin' (Demo)
13 - Man Of Misery (Demo)
14 - Can Y'see It Now? (I Can See It Now!!) (12" Promo Mix)
15 - Record Machine (Extended Version)
16 - Stop The Clocks (Demo Mix #2)
17 - Lord Don't Slow Me Down (Demo)
18 - Let There Be Love (Demo #2)
19 - Can Y'see It Now? (I Can See It Now!!)
20 - Lyla (Instrumental)
21 - Love Like A Bomb (Instrumental)
22 - Importance Of Being Idle (Instrumental)
23 - The Meaning Of Soul (Instrumental)
24 - Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (Instrumental)
25 - Part Of The Queue (Instrumental)
26 - Let There Be Love (Instrumental)

Password: NoMemory


  1. Thanks! There is a couple I didn't have. Great!

  2. Thanks! Love this blog. Got anymore Weller or The Jam?