Sunday, 14 August 2016

Jeff Buckley: Live At The Sony Music Conference

Two performances from Jeff Buckley at The Sony Music Conference from 1994 and 1993.

The date for first performance (9th March 1994) is an educated guess. The conference at the Gleneagles Hotel definitely took place between 7th - 11th of March and as I have seen this performance wrongly labelled as 3rd September (probably down to the different date configuration between Britain and America) I'm guessing this performance is actually from the 9th March.
I only discovered the second performance recently and I can find very little information about it as it isn't even listed on gigograpy.


Live at the Gleneagles Hotel (Glasgow, Scotland), 9th March 1994.
01 - Grace
02 - Mojo Pin
03 - Last Goodbye
04 - Hallelujah
05 - Eternal Life
06 - Lover, You Should've Come Over

Live at the Fontainebleau Hotel (Boca Raton, FL), 18th June 1993
07 - The Way Young Lovers Do
08 - Hallelujah
09 - Eternal Life

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