Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Foo Fighters: Pukkelpop 29th August 2003

Foo Fighters perform live at the Pukkelpop festival at Hasselt, Belgium, 29th August 2003.

This was one of the very first bootlegs I ever downloaded (some time in 2003/04). I had a edited and normalized version burned as an audio CD but after changing my computer a number of times since then and data being lost through cashes and a few file corruptions over the years, the original unedited downloaded files were lost. I have searched many time to re-download  this performance over the years but to no avail. That was until earlier this week while searching through a stack of old CD cases in the back of my wardrobe I found a bundle of back-up CDr's and one of them was labelled "Foo Fighters - All Albums". And there it was the unedited mp3 files, as they were downloaded over a decade ago.
For a preview of the audio quality watch the video below. The audio was sourced from the edited audio CDr but the quality is the same.

01 - The One
02 - Times Like These
03 - My Hero
04 - Learn To Fly
05 - Have It All
06 - Breakout
07 - For All The Cows (Intro)
08 - For All The Cows
09 - Stacked Actors
10 - Low (Intro)
11 - Low
12 - Monkey Wrench
13 - Tired Of You
14 - Everlong

Password: TREON174

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