Sunday, 7 January 2018

Oasis: Live At Muziekcentrum Vredenburg 1996

Oasis perform live at Muziekcentrum (Music Centre) Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands. 10th January 1996.

Original Notes:
"This looks really as the unprocessed source of the bootleg versions, the spectrum looks the same on this as on the '1996 Live' version, but on the bootleg you see it was enhanced. I prefer the sound of this but both sound perfect it's a matter of tastes but this is the complete recording (including 2 more songs Morning Glory and Don't Look Back In Anger). I really think this is the complete recording as Liam loses his voice badly during Live Forever and checking the setlist they would only had left I Am The Walrus out, and with Liam losing his voice is the most accurate guess."

01 - The Swamp Song
02 - Acquiesce
03 - Supersonic
04 - Hello
05 - Some Might Say
06 - Roll With It
07 - Cigarettes & Alcohol
08 - Champagne Supernova
09 - Whatever/Octopus's Garden (Acoustic)
10 - Wonderwall (Acoustic)
11 - Morning Glory (Acoustic)
12 - Don't Look Back In Anger
13 - Live Forever

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