Monday, 23 April 2018

The Virginmarys: Divides (12" Vinyl Version)

Divides is the second studio album by The Virginmarys. This audio is sourced from the Limited Edition Green Double LP.

The CD release was incredibly brickwalled (Average Dynamic Range of 6). This is sourced from the double LP and sounds a lot less compressed (Average Dynamic Range of 9). I've speed corrected the tracks to match the CD version. No noise reduction has been attempted.

01 - Push The Pedal
02 - For You My Love
03 - Halo In Her Silhouette
04 - Free To Do Whatever They Say
05 - I Wanna Take You Home
06 - Walk In My Shoes
07 - Kill The Messenger
08 - Into Dust
09 - Moths To A Flame
10 - Falling Down
11 - Motherless Land
12 - Living In My Peace

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