Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Ambulette: The Lottery (Plus The 'Bella Lea' Demos)

Ambulette formed during the summer of 2004 and originally called themselves Bella Lea. Maura Davis had toured with Stephen Howard and Ryan Rapsys during Denali's last tour and began exchanging tapes back and forth between her hometown of Richmond, Virginia and Chicago, where Howard and Rapsys were based. Matt Clark, who’d played with Howard in Pinebender, joined later that year. The band only released one E.P. before they broke up in 2007.

Although Ambulette never released a full album there were a number of demos (known as the 'Bella Lea' Demos) in circulation for a number of years that are difficult to come by these days. I was able to find five of them at a decent bitrate and remaster them in order to create a full ten track album of sorts. The download also contains the original mp3s plus six more demo tracks at a lower quality.

01 - I've Got More
02 - Fall
03 - When I See You
04 - Seconds Until Midnight
05 - If You Go Away
06 - Underling
07 - The Mess
08 - Every Road
09 - Picture
10 - Christine

Bonus: The 'Bella Lea' Demos
01 - Underling
02 - The Mess
03 - Every Road
04 - Picture
05 - Christine
06 - Enemy
07 - Into The Sea
08 - My Only Crime
09 - Stay
10 - The Mess (Version #2)
11 - We Are Here

Password: TREON234

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  1. I've never heard this before, thank you for posting.
    Also, nice album art :)