Friday, 21 September 2018

The Verve: Let The Damage Begin (The B-sides 95-98)

Let The Damage Begin is a collection of B-sides from The Verve singles released between 1995 and 98. Almost all of their previous B-sides are available on the album No Come Down (B-sides & Outtakes) (1994, re-issued 2005)  and The Verve EP (1992).

All the tracks are sourced from the original CD releases. No re-releases or remastered versions have been used.

Tracklist: CD1.
01. Let The Damage Begin
02. You And Me
03. I See The Door
04. Little Gem
05. Dance On Your Bones
06. Back On My Feet Again
07. On Your Own (Acoustic)
08. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
09. Grey Skies
10. Life's Not A Rehearsal
11. Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
12. Country Song

Tracklist: CD2.
01. Bitter Sweet Symphony (Extended Version)
02. So Sister
03. Echo Bass
04. Three Steps
05. The Drugs Don't Work (Original Demo)
06. Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
07. The Crab
08. Stamped
09. Never Wanna See You Cry
10. MSG
11. The Longest Day
12. Lucky Man (Happiness More Or Less)

Password: TREON010


  1. Finally I found these!! Thanks a ton mate!!

  2. Btw do you have B-sides and bonus tracks of Forth? Or Ashcroft's solo B-sides?

    1. Yes I do have B-sides and Rarities from Forth. It will be posted on here this month so keep an eye out for it. I only have a couple of B-sides from Richard Ashcroft but they will appear here as part of another B-sides collection I'm putting together.

  3. Thank you but what is the password

    1. The password is: VerveDamage It is case sensitive so make sure you input it just as it is seen.

  4. Thanks so much for this, I was trying to find all of the b-sides somewhere

  5. friend, good music; too good
    .thank you very much

  6. Do you have any of the bonus tracks from Forth like, the live performance of Rather Be?