Sunday, 18 December 2016

Oasis: The Whitfield Street Sessions

Taken from four CD-R's of the Safety Copies of the Definitely Maybe Recording Masters from Whitfield Street Studios. These recordings are believed to be from the aborted Dave Bachelor sessions (most likely recorded at The Pink Museum and Monnow Valley recording studios) before the songs were eventually handed over to Owen Morris who did the final mixing which is found on the album.

More recording infomation can be found here:

01 - Rock 'n' Roll Star (Mix #3, Alt. Guitar End)
02 - Live Forever (Mix #1)
03 - Up In The Sky (Mix #6)
04 - Columbia (Mix #2, More Bass & Rhythm Guitar)
05 - Bring It On Down (Mix #3, Thinner Guitar)
06 - Cigarettes & Alcohol (Mix #2, First To Tape)
07 - Diggsie's Dinner (Mix #3)
08 - Slide Away (Mix #2, Bass Up)
09 - Whatever (No Young Dude)
10 - Fade Away (Take #1, Backing Vocal Only)

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